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Start up bootcamp social and climate impact

The Startup Bootcamp Social & Climate Impact is a online Bootcamp, starting with a Kick off, followed by coachingssessions and a Final Pitch. 

11 October Kick off

8 November live coaching

6 December live coaching

20 December live coaching

Kick off: on location: 

  • Personal assessment, Teambuilding , Sustainable Development Goals 

Online Bootcamp: 

  • Module 1: Founder’s Dream : It all begins with a vision, an idea, a dream! 
  • Module 2: The Deal : Can you explain what you’re selling and to whom? 
  • Module 3: Market Segmentation : Define the very first market you want to enter. 
  • Module 4: Customer Value Proposition : It’s crucial to truly understand your customer, and find out what value you offer. 
  • Module 5: Financials and Key Value Drivers : You’ll construct a financial tree to get insight into profit or impact possibilities . 
  • Module 6: Social and Climate Impact : It is all about solving social and climate (sustainable) change with scalable, commercial solutions 
  • Module 7: Competitive Advantage : what makes your solution unique, competitive? 
  • Module 8: Talking to Potential Customers to validate your impact & business assumptions 

Coachings sessions with entrepreneurial experts 

Final Pitch 

More info and registration

december 20, 2022 @ 08:00 17:00